MBS is a diversified management company, which includes Elektrosnab-EM LLP and VASTER Energy. The diversified structure of the group provides a full range of services in the power industry and acts as one of the leading manufacturing companies. The idea to create an MBS management company and combine several areas in it appeared at the beginning of 2022 with an increase in productivity, scope of work, range of services and expansion prospects. More than 10 years of experience in the market for the production of electrical products, design, installation and commissioning, as well as in the implementation of all types of electrical equipment. The company guarantees the conformity of the high quality of the manufactured products with the work performed.

MBS affiliated companies

"Electrosnab-EM" LLP

The main activity is the production of industrial electrical equipment with voltages of 6, 10, 20, 35 kV. The plant produces a series of products of the following type: complete transformer substations of various designs (KTP, KTPN, KTPG, BKTP, 2KTPG, 2BKTP)

Vaster Energy

LLP "VASTER Energy" is engaged in the design, implementation of diesel power stations, open, closed, in containers, of any capacity from 15 kVA to 2500 kVA. The company also provides rental services for generators and electrical goods.

Production of the company

The company specializes in the production of transformer substations of any complexity (6-35kV), is engaged in the supply and sale of electrical equipment for various purposes, and also provides a full range of electrical engineering services.

Today, the company is one of the leading Kazakhstani manufacturers of the electrical industry in terms of sales of electrical equipment.


      The purpose of transformers is to transfer power within an uncoordinated electrical circuit between its various circuits. They are used in cases where it is required to lower or increase the voltage between the energy source and the consumer. Transformers are also included in power supply circuits that convert alternating current to direct current. The operation of transformers is based on their ability to transfer electricity between circuits by means of magnetic induction. In general, the transformer consists of two windings located on a common magnetic circuit. The windings are made of copper or aluminum wire in enamel insulation, and the magnetic core is made of thin electrical steel plates insulated with varnish to reduce eddy current losses. The principle of operation of any power transformer is the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. An alternating current is supplied to the primary winding, which forms an alternating magnetic flux in the magnetic circuit. This happens due to its short circuit on the magnetic circuit and the formation of adhesion between the windings, inducing an EMF. The load connected to the secondary winding leads to the formation of voltage and current in it.

Transfor substations

     A complete transformer substation is an electrical installation designed to receive, convert (increase or decrease) voltage in the AC network and distribute electricity in the power supply systems of consumers in rural, township, city, industrial facilities.

Our plant manufactures transformer substations of various types - in a concrete case, from sandwich panels and in a metal case with a capacity of 25 kVA. up to 3150 kVA.

Also, our company is ready to assist in the design of transformer substations and installation.

KRU - complete switchgear

       Complete switchgear (KRU) is a category of electrical installations that are used to receive and distribute electrical energy and current, but only one specific voltage category.


All complete switchgears contain a set of switching-type units, as well as a number of auxiliary RZiA devices and meters for accounting. All complete switchgears have a general industrial purpose and are often used as distribution units at power stations and substations of large enterprises, subways, railways, and mining enterprises of the oil and gas complex.

Diesel-generator set

     A diesel-generator set (DGU) is an electromechanical device consisting of a diesel engine, an electric generator and a control circuit.

DGUs provide autonomous power supply (guaranteed power supply) of critical load.

They are designed to operate as permanent or backup power sources capable of operating for a long period of time (from several hours to several days, depending on the capacity of the fuel tank).

Switching electrical devices

      The switching device performs the main function of controlling the electrical circuit: turn it on and off. This type of apparatus includes switches and disconnectors.

Switches are designed to turn on and off electrical circuits "under current", that is, during the flow of electric current through the circuit.

Relay protection and automation devices

      Relay protection is a set of devices designed for quick, automatic (in case of damage) detection and separation of damaged elements of this electric power system from the electric power system in emergency situations in order to ensure the normal operation of the entire system. The actions of relay protection facilities are organized according to the principle of continuous assessment of the technical condition of individual controlled elements of electric power systems. Relay protection (RP) continuously monitors the state of all elements of the electric power system and reacts to the occurrence of damage and abnormal modes. In the event of damage, the RP must identify the damaged area and disconnect it from the EPS by acting on special power switches designed to open the damage currents (short circuit).

Products for various purposes

Products for various purposes include: insulators, arresters and voltage limiters.

Measuring transformers

      The measuring voltage transformer is used to lower the high voltage supplied in alternating current installations to measuring instruments and protection and automation relays. The use of voltage transformers makes it possible to use standard measuring instruments for measuring at high voltage, expanding their measurement limits; Relay windings connected via voltage transformers can also have standard versions. In addition, the voltage transformer isolates (separates) meters and relays from high voltage, which ensures their safe operation.

The Mission of the Company

The mission of the Company throughout its existence is to provide universal professional solutions in the energy sector of Kazakhstan. Thanks to a consistent approach to the implementation of the Mission, we have been able to achieve significant success, as evidenced by the loyalty and appreciation of our customers. Our openness and readiness to meet a meeting allows us to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our clients.

You are in good company

We value each of our customers. Therefore, both industry leaders and small companies trust us. The focus on customer satisfaction motivates us to develop.

Let me assure you that you have found yourself in a good company among other organizations striving for development and appreciating their partners.

What services we provide

The company provides the following services:


Production of electrical equipment

The company provides services for the production of electrical equipment in accordance with all standards

Development of work projects

The company provides design, project development services according to specifications

Commissioning works

The company provides commissioning services in accordance with all requirements

Installation and adjustment of electrical networks

The company provides services of installation and adjustment of electrical networks

Installation of transformer substations

The company provides installation services for transformer substations

Electrical installation of cable lines

The company provides cable installation services




All manufactured products are certified in accordance with Kazakhstani quality standards. The entire list of products is covered by a year of warranty service, in addition, in accordance with the wishes of the customer, there is the possibility of extended post-warranty service.